Pre-Departure Orientation

Prior to your departure to the States, you will attend an Orientation session with us. This is to prepare you for your living in the States, so you wouldn’t get a cultural shock when you reach there! You will be briefed on (among other things):

  • Life and customs in the United States
  • Local community resources (e.g., public transportation, medical centers, schools, libraries, recreation centers and banks), to the extent possible
  • Available health care, emergency assistance, and insurance coverage
  • A description of the program in which the exchange visitor is participating
  • Rules that the exchange visitors are required to follow under the sponsor’s program
  • Contact details of the employer, designated sponsor and Office of Private Sector Exchange of the Department of State
  • A copy of the Exchange Visitor Program Welcome Brochure.



Flight Arrangements

During your application, you will be required to book a return flight to the States. To get a cheaper rate, we would advise you to book as soon as possible.

To ease the process of booking your flights, we have appointed Holiday Tours to assist you in arranging your return flight to and from the States. They are able to provide you with the best available rates, and take the stress of flight planning off your mind.

You will be contacted directly by them to make your flight booking and payments. International flights usually stop at major US airports, like Chicago, Los Angeles or New York. Therefore, Holiday Tours will arrange for you to reach the airport closest to your job location.

 For more details on your flight arrangements and information on luggage allowances, please refer to “Flight Arrangements Information”.



U.S. Arrival Information

Note that once you arrive in the United States, there are procedures to go through to successfully clear immigration. In addition, you must contact your U.S. Sponsor within 24 hours, to notify them of your safe arrival.

For a guide on security screening, immigration clearance and connecting flights please refer to “Arriving at US Port of Entry”.