During Program

Living in the States

During your time working in the U.S., you will apply for a Social Security Card, before your Host Company is allowed to receive your payroll. In addition, you might also consider opening a bank account, as well as a P.O. Box, to make online shopping easier! Further tips on States living are available at “Living in the States”.




Working the States

During your employment, you can expect to be paid exactly the same wages and benefits as your American counterparts for a similar position. The minimum wage in America is $7.25 per normal hour. In addition, your employer might offer you the chance to earn some additional income through overtime, or bonus hours.

Your work will be full time i.e. 40hrs/week. During after hours and your days off, you are allowed to relax or travel to nearby townships or cities. After all, you are in America to enjoy yourself! Alternatively, if you are really hardworking and keen to earn more pocket money, you can always seek a second job provided it doesn’t clash with your full time obligations. 

Infinity Abroad will keep in continuous touch with our participants to ensure their successful completion of their employment obligations. In the extremely rare instance where you might have a conflict with your employer, we will work with you and your employer to resolve any problems you might be encountering.