Application & Visa

Your journey starts off with applying for the Work and Travel Program with us. We will be here anytime to assist you with every aspect of your application process. It is a real simple and good experience, so relax and enjoy the learning process! All relevant forms and documents are available for download at the “Forms & Downloads” section.




Application Information

The duration required for the application process can be up to 3-5 months. Therefore, we strongly recommend you start as soon as possible! Your application is divided into 4 main stages.

  1. You are required to register your interest with us by completing the Infinity Abroad WAT Application Form. You will then be contacted by us to submit your Resume and other required documents.
  2. You will then be contacted to attend an online Skype interview with the U.S. Sponsor, and with your Host Company. If everything goes smoothly, you will receive the job offer letter (EOAF) from your Host Company in a few weeks.
  3. After you have received your job offer, you will start your J1 Visa application (known as the DS-160), which is performed online.
  4. You will be scheduled to attend a Visa interview at the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Once you have been granted the Visa, you will proceed with the final aspect of your application process – booking your U.S. flight.




Visa Information

There are several classes of visas approved by the U.S. Department of State, such as A, B, F, and J visas. The one you are applying for is the J-1 Visa, which is a non-immigrant visa granted to students to enter the United States in order to participate in cultural exchange programs.

For further information on the J-1 Visa, and its related documents, please refer to “Important Documents Information”.