Summer Camp Counsellor USA

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Infinity Abroad is Asia’s first and exclusive provider of the highly revered J1 Summer Camp Counsellor USA program. This program is designed for active individuals seeking to impact the lives of American children aged 6 to 16 by taking on the revered role of a summer camp counsellor. You get to live in an American summer camp for a period of 9 to 11 weeks, put your summer camp talents to good use, have lots of fun, and get paid while doing so.

Program Highlights

  • Live & Work in an American Summer Camp
  • Camp Counsellor & Support Staff positions available
  • Experience the American camp culture & share yours with them
  • Free food & accommodation provided
  • Establish long-lasting friendships with other Counsellors & your Campers
  • Develop a network of friends from around the world
  • Work around American youths & put your camp-related skills to good use
  • Valuable working experience & personal development
  • Attractive wages to subsidize your initial costs & traveling expenses
  • A fast & fun way to perfect your English communication skills
  • Insured by comprehensive Medical & Accident Insurance Policy

Eligibility Criteria

To be able to work as a Camp Counsellor, you don’t have to be a full-time university student. However, you do have to pass a rigorous eligibility test to determine your suitability for this challenging program. You must be:

  • Aged 18 to 28
  • Possess Advanced English communication skills
  • Able to commit for 9 to 11 weeks of work in the United States
  • Possess 2 or more Summer Camp related skills that you can teach or assist in teaching American kids (Not required for Support Staff)

*Note: To be a support staff, you have to meet the eligibility criteria of the J1 Work and Travel Program

Program Duration

Summer Camps follow the exact dates set out by the Camp Director, usually from June to August. This program is ideally suited for individuals seeking less than 3 months’ work.


The duration for summer camps are 9 to 11 weeks. Weekly extensions may be possible depending on the camp’s requirements for manpower. For full-time university students, you have to return home in time for the start of your new semester.


Program Intake & Seasons

Camp Counsellor USA program applications are accepted once a year during the Summer season . The start/end date for Camp Counsellor USA programs vary in different camps, usually starting early June until late August. Your actual start & end dates are discussed between the Camp Director and yourself prior to accepting the camp position applied for.



Program Placements

Camp Counsellor

Counselor Types Responsibilities
Camp Counsellors General Counsellors are tasked with supervising a group of campers of a specific age group. They oversee the personal development of each camper, and form long lasting bonds with them.
Specialist Counsellors Specialist Counsellors are qualified individuals in the areas of Athletics, Waterfront, Performing & Creative Arts, and Outdoor Adventures. They are responsible for developing camp programs for all ages & abilities. You need not be an expert, but you must possess great interest in what you do!


Support Staff

While Camp Counsellors are on the front-line conducting camp activities, they require the assistance with the general administration and care-taking of the operations of the summer camp. This is where Support Staff comes in.

Support Staff are in charge of the maintenance of camp facilities and activity equipment, cooking meals for everyone, back-office administration and so on. You will live in onsite quarters with other Support Staff and also get to experience the summer camp fun, without having to look after the campers!


Program Location & Size

American summer camps are an integral part of the American culture. They offer a safe haven and an escape from the outside world where children aged 6 to 16 are able to explore new horizons and discover their hidden talents. Isolated from busy, bustling cities, summer camps are places of tranquility, surrounded by the countryside lakes & rivers. They offer endless amazement and opportunities for growth to both the campers and the camp staff.

There are over 12,000 summer camps across all 50 states of the United States, catering to over 10 million campers every year. They are as far apart as the Catskill Mountains of New York to the Arizona deserts, and even in the Alaskan wilderness! Camps range from small independent programs with under 20 campers to large, purpose-designed facilities with over 100 campers.


Salary & Employment Benefits

Summer Camp Counsellor participants earn from $200 to $250 per week. The pay depends on the length of your actual work duration, and the scope of responsibilities you to take on. What’s more, Camp Counsellors and Support Staff get to enjoy a wide range of employment benefits. Accommodation and food is provided for the duration of your employment – you don’t have to fork out for your basic living costs.