Internship & Training USA

Pursue a field-related internship/training placement in the world’s most developed and vibrant economy. Our internship/training programs offer you cultural exposure and practical work experience with an American employer. This international work experience will propel you towards a better career development in the future. Contact us today for latest updates in internship & training opportunities.

Program Highlights

  • Live, Work & Travel in the U.S. for 3 to 18 months
  • Structured & guided trainings with American industry players
  • Gain professional work experience & enhance your career prospects
  • Meet people from around the world & make long lasting friendships
  • Build your professional network overseas
  • Travel across the USA, even stopover at other countries on your way home
  • Discover & experience the American culture and share yours
  • Receive attractive salary and benefits as an American equivalent
  • High wages to support your living & travelling, and cover your initial costs
  • Perfect your English communication skills for the workplace
  • Insured by a comprehensive medical insurance coverage

Eligibility Criteria

In order to join J-1 Professional Internship/Training USA program, you must be:

Internship USA Career Training USA
A current, full-time university/college student; OR a graduate of no more than 12 months prior to the start of your program Graduated from a university & have a least 1 year of related work experience; OR possess 5 years of related working experience
Able to commit for 3 to 12 months Able to commit for 3 to 12 months
Between 18 to 30 years old
Possess Upper Intermediate to Advanced English workplace skills

Program Placements

We specialize in providing sponsorship & placement services for individuals interning and training with American employers, in fields not limited to:

  • Architecture
  • Art, Design & CAD
  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Business Management
  • Culinary Arts
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • IT, Program & Web Design
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Legal & Public Administration
  • Marketing
  • Media & Communications
  • Psychology


Program Duration

Programs Duration
Internship Maximum 12 months and 30-day grace period for traveling
Training Maximum 18 months and 30-day grace period for traveling

Program Intake & Seasons

J-1 Professional Internship/Training USA applications are accepted all year round. Regardless of your start date, your program will most likely stretch over a few seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.



Placement Options

Internship/Training placement options are located all across the United States. Whether you are working with a financial group in Atlanta, an tech firm in Silicon Valley, or a beachside resort in San Diego… the opportunities are endless.

The first step for applying an Internship/Training position is just like any other employment – submitting a CV and passing a formal job interview. There are 2 ways of applying for a placement:

Placement Assistance

You can submit a professional Resume/CV to us, and we will attempt to match your field of study with an available host employer in our database. If there is an employer interested to hire you, we will move forwards with the hiring process which may include a job interview through phone call, Skype or email. Once you are accepted for the internship placement, we will assist with obtaining the necessary documentation in order to apply for your US Visa.


Self Placement

You can reach out to US Employers yourself! This shows initiative, and you have more control over the employment details like job location, pay rate, nature of work, and so on. There are many databases available to assist you like,, and many more. If there’s an employer ready to hire you, let us know and we will vet the employer to ensure they are authentic, and meet US Department of State regulations.


Salary & Employment Benefits

Your remuneration package will be equivalent to an American counterpart. Internship/Training placements can be paid or unpaid. Unpaid positions may come with a stipend for living costs. For paid positions, employers pay anywhere from $10 to $20 per hour. Paid positions are more competitive, therefore to secure one takes early preparation and dedication. Remuneration details are stated out in your employer’s job offer before you accept the placement.