At Infinity Abroad, our friendly program advisors are committed providing you step-by-step guidance through all stages of your program participation. We pride ourselves in anticipating any assistance you might need throughout the program. With Infinity Abroad, be assured that help will be at hand whenever you need it.

Initial Application & Pre-Program
  • Eligibility Assessment & Counselling
  • Job Interviews & Placement Confirmation
  • Visa Sponsorship & Assistance with Documentation Filing
  • Application Troubleshooting (if applicable)
  • Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Participant Handbook & Supporting Materials
  • Flight Ticketing & Travel Arrangement Services
  • Courier Services

During Program
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance Coverage
  • Social Security Number Application Assistance
  • Assistance with Social Security Number application
  • 24-Hour Emergency Assistance & In-Country Support
  • Housing or Work Complications Resolvement (If Applicable)
  • Resources & Guides for Traveling Abroad
  • Coordinated Cultural Events & Activities

Post Program
  • Tax Refund Advisory
  • Post Program Debriefing (if required)
  • Post Program Certification
  • Recommendation for Future Employment
  • Returning Student Benefits & Discount

Fees & Details

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For more information on the breakdown of program fees and further explanations, please click here.