“Take The Leap” @ Curtin Sarawak

“Take The Leap” – Work & Travel USA @ Curtin Sarawak

Infinity Abroad is honored to be invited as the guest speaker for Curtin Sarawak’s upcoming “Take The Leap” event on May 25th to 26th, 2015


About “Take The Leap”

Curtin Sarawak’s “Take The Leap” – Work & Travel USA sharing session is about how taking the road less travelled can change a university student’s perspective in life.

Infinity Abroad’s co-founder Favian will be sharing on how Work & Travel USA inspired him to “Take The Leap”, and his journey from university, to employee, to entrepreneur – and how current university students can experience the same for a better future.


Registration is FREE

Registration is open for all Curtin University Sarawak students! Register by clicking the link below:


 Event Details – “Take The Leap”


26th May 2015 (Tuesday)


2pm – “Take The Leap” Talk
3pm – “Work & Travel USA” Info Session


Council Room, Curtin Sarawak

 Event Details – Work & Travel USA Info Booth


25th & 26th May 2015 (Monday & Tuesday)


11am to 4pm – “Work & Travel USA” Inquiries & Registration


Borneo Pavilion, Curtin Sarawak