About Us

Our Team

Infinity Abroad is founded by young, spirit-minded people.. just like yourselves! Infinity Abroad’s founders are experts in cultural & professional work exchange overseas. We have seen what the world has to offer to aspiring university/college students. In turn, we want you to experience as we did. We want to take your deepest desires for an experience abroad – and place it in the palm of your hands!

Our Mission

We live and operate by our core mission: to inspire, empower and connect people in the global community. As a cultural and educational organization, we want to make a meaningful difference to the lives of young adults. We do so by creating a platform for you to follow your overseas passions. Through overseas work experiences and cultural immersion, you prepare yourself to stand out from your peers. Fostering greater understanding between global communities is the step towards a better future and we do it – one person at a time.

Member of the WYSE Travel Confederation

Infinity Abroad is a proud member of the WYSE Travel Confederation. The WYSE Travel Confederation has a history going back to 1949 and was founded in order to create a stronger united body to represent the global youth travel industry. WYSE Travel Confederation is built on decades of experience and recognised as a long-standing and trusted global community.

Our Differences

We offer a range of cultural exchange programs, including Work & Travel USA – by far the most popular USA exchange program for Malaysian and Singaporean university students. Overseas exchange is a very personal and individualized experience for every participant, and we understand that. Our trained and qualified program advisors provide support to each student with unparalleled levels of guidance and counselling. Here are just a handful of reasons why you should choose Infinity Abroad as your trusted cultural exchange provider:

Experience & Professionalism

Our program advisors are all past participants with an in-depth, first-hand knowledge in living, working and travelling. Our advisors can provide you useful advice beyond formalities to ensure a peace of mind throughout your program.

Transparent & All Inclusive Fees

We strive for complete transparency on our program fees. There are no hidden charges along the way. When in doubt, buzz us to find out!

Passion & Dynamism

Common words, but means a whole lot more coming from us. We are young, motivated adventure-seekers just like you, and we certainly know how you can make the most fun out of your overseas experience.


Our programs are accredited by the U.S. Department of State, Malaysian Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Be sure that accreditation you receive are in accordance with the highest government standards.


At the end of your program, you will receive invaluable recommendation from your overseas Host Employer, a designated Sponsor of the US Department of State, and a Certificate of Completion from Infinity Abroad too.

Personalizable Service & Support

Our program advisors cater to the requirements of each individual student. We are your personal counsellors for your overseas experience. This means a lot for your peace of mind, especially if you are joining an extended overseas program for the first time.

Efficiency & Effectiveness

We strive to provide excellent service in terms of the timeliness & quality of work, professional attitude, personalized customer service and value for money.


We carry an impressive portfolio of programs, with a multitude of employment choices across the United States, Canada & more. You can tell us what you like, and we will try our best to accede to your request.



We affiliate with prestigious universities and non-governmental organizations overseas in order to deliver the best experience for you. Not only does it lend credibility and professionalism to what we do, it also demonstrates our dedication to fostering overseas development in line with our organization’s Mission.




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